The Western Front

Photo Above: A Luftwaffle worker prepares Blintzes to be dropped over Poland.



 Poland was the first country to fall under the Luftwaffle's new "Blintz-krieg" tactics. The "Blintz" (coming from the Yiddish word בלינצע or "blintze") delivered from above, combined with a swift MarziPanzer ground assault, proved to be an unstoppable force in the early stages of the war. To worsen the situation, Belgium was soon overrun and the latest waffle iron technologies would fall into the hands of the Luftwaffle.



Photo Above: Belgian waffle technology like this top-secret "double-press" iron fell into the hands of the invaders.


 The overwhelmed defenders quickly fell one-by-one to the Blintzkreig, and soon Western Europe was under Luftwaffle control.*


*Note: the French had already surrendered prior to the onset of the war.


 Britain however, hardened by centuries of Irish Stew and boiled meat, was the only country that had managed to repel the Luftwaffle's invasion.