The Hasselhoff Era


In the decades after the war, as the country struggled to rebuild itself, it also struggled to regain its identity and sense of direction. In the 1980's David Hasselhoff emerged as a uniting figure with hit TV shows such as "Knight Rider" and "Baywatch".


 With talking sports-cars and bouncing women's breasts, the country found a common thread and united behind this hairy man with a German last name. His later bouts with alcoholism would only widen his already massive appeal. As a result, communism collapsed and the country reunited in 1990. Hasselhoff is largely credited with reforging the country and is held in high regard to this day. This web page chronicles his life and achievements.



You can feel safe when Hasselhoff is watching.      <>    Who doesn't love puppies?



Not quite sure what this is about       <>       Hasselhoff in rougher times


Today people no longer suffer under the Luftwaffles grip and are free to do as they please.