The Eastern Front

Photo Above: In this undated photo two Waffle SS troops take a pause in the fighting.



 However it would be on the Eastern Front where the Luftwaffle would ultimately meet it's demise against the massive strength of Russia's Red Borscht brigades. Suicide Vodka troops sent from Russia's Siberian regions also fought the invaders bitterly. Drunk, hungry and with nothing to live for, these shock-troops under General Smirnoff's command would ultimately over-power the elite Waffle SS units and repel them all the way back to the pancake houses of Berlin. Borscht brigades suffered heavy losses in the fighting.



Photo Above: Mortally wounded and loosing borscht rapidly, this Russian soldier would not live to the end of the day.


Unfortunately not all Russians fought for their fatherland, and some defected to the ranks of the Luftwaffle. Captured and interrogated, most troops offered confessions similar to this one soldier: "Ich liebe das Waffle Haus. Why do foods that you could easily cook at home for free taste so much better at das Waffle Haus?" Who could blame them.